1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Bitch Slapped by a Two Foot Iguana!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bitch Slapped by a Two Foot Iguana!

Bitchslapped I tell ya'!
I bet that title got your attention, didn't it? Oh yea.....so what really happened?
I was letting Aduana (the WonderPuppy®) off onto a dock this morning for her morning wander, and she scooted behind some bushes while I tied up the dinghy. Suddenly, Aduana rushed the bushes with a loud bark and a brilliant lime green iguana came flying out of the bushes, smacking me in the side of the face as it flew by (my shoulders were even with the dock), and fell into the dinghy, where it started scrambling around frantically.
I bailed from the dinghy, not wanting to get cut or scratched by this demon lizard, which was about two feet in length. As I stood looking at it, rubbing my cheek where it had hit me, it figured out how to get out of the dink, and away it went, into the water.

What most people don't know is that iguanas are big swimmers. It's amusing to pursue them down the dock as they run away with their funny side to side leg waddle, and then, when you get too close, they leap into the water and swim, very rapidly, to the bottom and safety.
The local variant is lime green with brilliant red bars on their tail, actually a rather pretty animal if you like lizards. Me, I can take them or leave them, especially when they get a bit bigger...like this sucker...
Some interesting things to take note of that have been piling up in my inbox lately....
For those of you interested in selling or buying boat gear, Don Green has established a new Facebook page, appropriately called Boat Parts. It's at https://www.facebook.com/groups/boatparts/, and is an open group. Just click through to sign up. Some good deals to be had, but the magic will really begin as the group increases in size.
The SAIL Magazine Snowbird Rally that I'm leading south is now up to 16 boats...and we're adding some amazing stuff to the Skipper's Bag - including a Mantus anchor for one lucky skipper. All of the other bags will contain a hefty discount coupon for anyone who wants to equip their boat with one of these great holding anchors.
For those interested in joining the Rally for their trip south, there's still both room, and time, to sign up, but not a lot of either. You can get more details at the online rally page, or join as at our Facebook page, Facebook Sail Magazine Rally.
I've also started work on a really exciting project that will benefit all of us. To this point, I've made a point of not selling advertising on LiveBloggin' until the monthly hit count went over 10,000 monthly, a target we've recently reached...and thank you everyone for your interest. We're approaching 100k total hits also, another big target! GO LiveBloggers!
A good friend in the marine industry convinced me to go with a slightly different approach to advertising...here's what will happen. In the fairly near future, I'll be hosting a series of auctions which will be advertised on LiveBloggin' and conducted on another site that I own.
These will be Dutch auctions, where the price starts high and goes down so much after a specified time, until someone bids that price. No bid, it goes down again after the time period has passed. The trick here is to get the lowest possible price for yourself but to bid before someone else snaps it up, because you have no chance to outbid them. It's a true game of nerves. Kind of like - shall I reef? Nah, it looks ok...shall I reef now? Nah..... and we ALL know how that one ends, don't we?
These products will be supplied by the advertisers, and I think I can promise you some great deals...more as this program develops. Stay tuned to LiveBloggin'...
Boom brake by Don Green
Back to Don Green of Boat Parts...any of you ever priced a boom brake for your boat? Not cheap for a piece of stainless steel, are they? Here's the Wichard boom brake, for merely $268. Don, seeing opportunity, designed and built his own boom brake, which you can see here - and it retails for the far more realistic price of $69. That's right, $69. Makes owning a small, expensive piece of stainless a lot more affordable, doesn't it? Check it out...

I will be starting north shortly, very much behind schedule, which is the norm for me as anyone who knows me will tell you. So with that in mind, and lots to get done, I'll leave this issue of LiveBloggin' to get back to work.