1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: New pub, new crew, boat repairs - all is normal!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New pub, new crew, boat repairs - all is normal!

Yanmar 2QM20 Mixing Elbow
You've likely not even heard of a mixing elbow, or perhaps you think it's a bartender's thing....but if you're a boater, it's part of your exhaust system and, thus, prone to break! Imagine that. So mine rusted through here in Lauderdale....in front of a bridge....with the current against me....that was the only good thing.
So, shut down the motor and sailed back to the Middle River anchorage and anchored the way REAL sailors do, under sail....(that would be REAL sailors only because we have no other choice...)
I suppose I could have called Towboat US, I do have a membership, but seriously, doing it this way was much more fun.
So, I went online to find the part - and yow!, they aren't cheap...so on to Facebook, where someone had the part, hardly used, mine for $20 postage! That's a deal, and thank you Dave! The gasket cost me $50!
So there I am, deep in the hold, in 90° heat, sweat pouring off of me....breaking bolts that have been long abused with engine heat and salt water.....this is not going well. It's time to call Super Dave!
Yes, this anchorage has it's very own Super Dave....he lives on his Pearson sailboat in the Middle River anchorage in Lauderdale and he loves to fix stuff. Personally, I think he needs a lobotomy if that's what he enjoys, but what do I know?
So Dave clambers below and many hours, plus liberal applications of a butane torch and a hammer and wrench, later, the old rusty elbow is off, and the new one installed, and all for an extremely reasonable price. I may just have won the 'World's Cheapest Sailor' award for this deal! Now, would anyone like to purchase an old, rusted out mixing elbow....going cheap!
Seriously, if you're in the Lauderdale area and you need some work done, I heartily recommend Dave....he's neither cute nor classy, but he really knows his stuff and is more than willing to work. Contact me via the contact widget that keeps popping up in the lower right hand corner if you want to reach him.
I mentioned new crew....here's a shot of good friend Doc Hogan, from Urbanna VA, and I in this great little corner pub that he found....the Hut. It's a little bar in the back corner of a shopping mall, friendly staff, good music, cold beer and within staggering distance of the anchorage!
Tomorrow morning, we are setting off on the trip north - winds are 15 - 20 S-SE, so this will be a fun romp up the coast.
It's time to go sailing again.....