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Monday, February 17, 2014

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon - er, Monday....

Sailing against the Miami skyline - spectacular views
 Life is good - spent the last few days at the Miami Boat show - met people I know from around the world, including some boat builders I first met in Durban SA. Looked at some great boats - but decided not to buy - and just who am I kidding here?
I plan to spend a few more days here, and then head further south into Biscayne Bay, visiting some favourite spots such as Boca Chita Key, Coconut Grove, Elliot Key and No Name Harbour. The original plan was to head over to the Bahamas, but a pending delivery is keeping me from leaving the US. The boat I'm to deliver is in Cuba, so it's going to be complicated, as anything to do with Cuba is. We'll figure it out, and it ought to be a fun trip.
Biscayne Bay is very attractive however, so I'm not going to suffer much - and as always, it'll be good to get out of this hyped up city. It may be attractive, but the people leave a lot to be desired, most of them anyhow.
One Loverly Bunch of Coconuts.....add rum....
To the left are a lovely bunch of coconuts. They were part of an 'experiment', two years ago....I cut them down myself in order to mix the coconut water in them with some Cuban rum I had aboard. My intention was to do a video on how 'real' cruisers drink rum...figured it would be great fun. And it was...I think.
...and see what you get?
I'm sure you're wondering what the results were... well, the photo of me here probably gives you a pretty decent idea of the outcome. This was after my third coconut and rum, drunk straight from the coconut.
I'm telling you, there's something real wicked in those coconuts. I mean, three rum drinks isn't a lot, are they? Er, I mean, shreee rom drinkiepoos, that's ok, right? Uh.....well, you get what I'm saying, I'm sure. I'd play the video but I seem to have misplaced it...imagine!
But I just happen to have a bottle of spiced rum aboard. Is that a coconut palm I see on the shore? Yes! Aduana! To the dinghy!!!