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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Post Christmas...

Have we all survived the Christmas season and its attendant madness? Was Santa good to all you girls and boys out there? Sure hope so. I had a superb Christmas day dinner with my friends Doc and Cindy and her sister and brother in law - great food, lots of wine, lots more laughter. Best of all, the next day I received a very special Christmas present from Santa - when you travel as I do, it can be a bit tough even for Santa to track me down I imagine!

My very special gift was a Christmas greeting from someone whose friendship I thought I had lost and I have to tell you, it made Christmas so much better. As much as I was hoping for a 68 foot Oyster sailboat and an all Hooter Girls crew, this was better by far. And, there's always next Christmas, right?
Nice, but I like my gift much better...

Maybe next Christmas?

Christmas Day was lovely as well, sunny and warm and I took Aduana for a good long walk in short sleeves. So nice, especially when I hear there's over a foot of snow back home.
I've been putting in the hours here in Urbanna Va working on a writing project, as well as preparing a new version of my boat show seminar, Sailing South - First Timer's Guide to the ICW. For those who would like to see the video trailer, you can find that at TheSailingChannel or watch it right here.

For those of you in Canada reading this, I'll be home for the Toronto Boat Show as a speaker and I'd love to have you come see me at the show. You can download the speakers' schedule at the Toronto Boat show website. The show itself is held from January 12 - 20th, and it's one of North America's biggest boat shows. Hundreds of boats to see and get aboard and just drool over - I'll be there a couple of days prior, getting used to the cold...ok, that was cruel, sorry! If you do come to the show, try to let me know in advance so we can meet up because, unless you find me at the speaker's hall, I could be anywhere on the site.
For those of you who have watched the video trailer of myself and a friend who is helping me repair my mainsail, I've got a new project coming up.
Making this video was fun, not the least because it was a nice day and a fun project to do. And the sail worked really well after it was all done too. My next project is to build an entirely new mainsail - watch for news on that coming, hopefully, very soon. I'll again have video up of the process. Now all I have to do is convince someone to come to Florida in the New Year and help me at it. Any takers, lol? (Hint - bonus points if you look good in a bikini!)

Have a great weekend all...and to all a good night!