1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: HELP Forge the Anchor Chain and Fight Florida Anchoring Restrictions

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

HELP Forge the Anchor Chain and Fight Florida Anchoring Restrictions

Here's where we are as of this morning in the anchoring fight. We've lost all three committee votes in the House and Senate. If we lose the votes in the full house, we lose the right to anchor in significant parts of south Florida, including Sunset Lake and Venetian Causeway in Miami, and Middle River in Fort Lauderdale.
According to the SSCA Concerned Cruisers Committee - "Both bills are awaiting for the Rules Committee in each house to place the bills on the respective Special Order Calendar which will then bring the bill to each floor for discussion. Once that happens the bill goes back to the Rules Committee which will then add it to the third reading on Special Order Calendar it then goes to the floor for a vote.
The rules committee controls the calendars. Until one or the other gets on the Special Order Calendar, it will not move. Either one could be placed on the Special Order Calendar today or it might be next week and it has to happen twice. So, no crystal ball here."
Worst of all - "There is no public input when on the floor. Even more frustrating is an amendment could be proposed on the floor and you have little access to members to try to influence the outcome."
That means that other communities could insert an amendment at the last minute and there would be NOTHING we could do to stop it. Nothing. My prediction is that there will be several of these 'sneak attack' amendments, that MORE anchorages will be taken from us by this legislation.
So what can we do to stop this? We need a significant presence at Talahassee for the vote, whenever it comes up. That means that you have to be prepared to roll with perhaps 24 hours notice. That's not easy.
What I am proposing is simple, media friendly, and doesn't require a huge presence in Talahassee to get the point across. And it's going to cost you $2.50, so get out your chequebook or call your wealthy maiden aunt.
What's your $2.50 buy? It buys a link of a chain - which will be seen as a vote - on a chain, complete with Fisherman's anchor, that will be brought into the House for the vote, for legislators and senators to see. The team will be wearing t-shirts that state "I boat - I VOTE". It will be a mute testimony to how many of us there are against this legislation.
However - I am not going to do this without at least 1000 links in this chain. That's over 1000 inches of chain, more than 80 feet of chain. Imagine the impact this will have being toted into the house in Talahassee, with a fisherman's anchor attached, and the 'I boat - I VOTE' t-shirts. The media will have a field day with this, and that's what we need.
If we don't get the 1000 links, we do nothing, and your money is donated to the SSCA Cruisers' Rights Fund. Any excess of money not used to purchase the chains and t-shirts, and pay expenses for those who are on the Anchor Team, will be donated to the SSCA. And, at the end of all this, we'll hold a drawing of all who donated and give them the chain. You can donate by paypal to my account at wally.moran@gmail.com, and I'll post a daily update on this on my Sailing and Cruising Facebook page.
Let's not waste time debating how this could be done 'better'. Let's just do it and make our point in Talahassee. $2.50 is what it will cost you, less than a cup of coffee, and yes, you can donate more to add more links. I've started us off with four links. Now it's your turn.
!000 minimum folks, and don't forget to share this post - let's show the legislators that we're out here and we're angry. Go to my personal page, you can share it from there. Sorry, that's how Facebook works, can't share from within the group. Copy and paste to your own page also, that will get us more shares. You can also share this from the SSCA's FB page.
If you're interested in being a part of the Anchor Team - PM me please - you need to be available to go to Talahassee on 24 hours notice. Helps if you look good in the new t-shirt you'll wear! smile emoticon
Let's do it Sailors! $2.50, plus share this post, and do it now. Because if you don't pitch in here, we're going to lose our rights to anchor in Florida. What's that worth to you?
In the first two hours of this fundraiser, we've brought in over 20 feet of chain! Do your part please.
The link for your $2.50 - Paypal, and it's to wally.moran@gmail.com